SIA Format

Zone State event_id comment
  SI251 Old Message from SUR format 3
A   **05  Undefined SIA Code
T   SI266 Unrecognized Signal Identifier
  **06  Unsupported Signal Format
  SI265 User ID Msg Block Recvd
  SI324 Access Pswrd Block Msg Recvd
  SI260 Configuratation Block Msg Received
  SI325 V-channel frame Block Rcvd
  SI330 End-Of-Data Block Msg Rcvd
  SI321 WAIT Block Msg Received
  SI322 ABORT Block Msg Received
  SI326 Ack/Standby Block Msg Rcvd
  SI327 Ack/Disconnect Msg Block Rcvd
  SI328 Acknowledgment Block Rcvd
  SI329 REJECT Block Msg Rcvd
  SI257 Command Block Msg Received
  SI323 Environmental Block Msg Rcvd
  SI258 Program Block Msg Received
  SI261 V-Channel Block Msg Received
  SI259 Extended Block Msg Received
  SI250 Surgard Format 3 (old SIA) Area Only message
A   SI282 System Compromise! - Alarm Panel Substitution
  SI290 ABORT Zone or point
R   SI281 Analog svc condition RESTORED
  SI227 Sur-Gard Caller ID
R   SI002 RESTORE AC Power
T   SI280 Analog Service required on sensor
  SI000 Ascii Text Message
T   SI003 AC Power Fail
A   SI004 Burglary Alarm
B   SI112 Burglary zone BYPASSED
  SI113 CANCEL Burglary
T   SI283 ALARM on run-away (swinger-bypassed) zone
R   SI288 Run-away (swinger) zone alarm RESTORED
A   SI277 Unverified Burglary Alarm
R   SI006 Burglary alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI114 Burglary Trbl or Supervisory Condition RESTORED
A   SI285 Burglary Alarm- Cross Point VERIFIED
R   SI005 Burglary zone RESTORED
T   SI007 Burglary TROUBLE
U   SI116 Burglary zone UNBYPASSED
A   SI008 Burglary VERIFIED
R   SI334 (XSIA/Aritech) RESTORE Burg
  SI117 TEST- Burglary Zone
T   SI284 Non-fire Supervisory Point MISSING
A   SI009 Automatic Closing
  SI267 Invalid Caller ID
  SI360 Non-Standard Caller ID Format
  SI001 Caller ID
T   SI010 Closing Delinquent per panel schedule
  SI011 Auto-arm canceled- (Panel Closing Extended)
ARM SI012 Forced Closing
ARM SI272 Area ARMED- No Area # sent
T   SI014 Fail to Close per panel schedule
ARM SI015 Late Close (per alarm panel schedule)
ARM SI118 Early Close (per alarm panel schedule)
ARM SI016 Closing report
A   SI286 MISSING ALARM POINT w/in 2 minutes of closing
  SI287 Command Sent to expansion/peripheral device
ARM SI119 Automatic close (by alarm panel schedule)
ARM SI289 Remote Closing
ARM SI017 Note: system recently closed
ARM SI120 Closing by keyswitch (not by keypad code)
A   SI121 Late To Open per alarm panel schedule
A   SI122 Force-Armed- 1 or more zones faulted
  SI291 Custom Function Executed
ARM SI123 Point Armed
  SI093 Access Card added to panel
  SI094 Access Card DELETED from panel
ARM SI124 Access to ALL USER prohibited- Area CLOSED
A   SI125 Access Denied - Unknown Code
  SI053 Request To Enter
A   SI018 Door FORCED Open
  SI019 Access granted
R   SI063 Door Left Open RESTORED (closed)
  SI088 2nd entry attempt to same area w/o exit- PASSBACK
T   SI276 Door Forced Open- Trouble condition only
T   SI126 Access Denied: Lockout of known code
A   SI100 Door Left Open- ALARM state
  SI020 Sur-Gard Downlook
T   SI101 Door Left Open- Trouble state
T   SI102 Door Left Open  (not secured)
B   SI021 Users now permitted access if authorized
  SI103 Entry at this time NOT authorized by user
  SI228 system armed or perimeter armed- Access Denied
R   SI022 Door Restored- alarm &/or trbl condtions cleared
  SI023 Door station
T   SI127 TROUBLE on access control door
  SI024 Dealer ID
  SI230 User card level insufficient to allow access.
  SI238 only one door of pair can be opened simultaneously
  SI240 Request To Exit
U   SI241 Door Locked
  SI242 Access DENIED- Door secured
A   SI025 ALARM Exit Error- zoned unsecured after Exit.
  SI026 Exit Error- premise not secure
T   SI253 Exit Fail- no exit from premeises detected
R   SI081 Expansion Device Case Tamper RESTORE
T   SI029 MISSING Expansion Device
R   SI028 Expansion Device RESTORE from Missing status
R   SI079 Expansion Device RESTORED
A   SI080 Expansion Device enclosure TAMPER
T   SI078 Expansion Device TROUBLE
  SI027 External Device condtion Report
A   SI107 Pt Missing at end of Exit Delay
B   SI031 Fire zone BYPASSED
A   SI246 Fire Cancel
A   SI278 Unverified FIRE Alarm
R   SI032 Fire alarm condition RESTORED
A   SI128 Begin Fire Test
R   SI033 Fire Trbl or Supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI129 End Fire Test
  SI293 Fire Alarm SILENCE (sounders silenced only)
A   SI292 FIRE ALARM (Cross Point received)
R   SI296 Fire Supervisory Zone trbl RESTORED
R   SI034 Fire zone RESTORED
A   SI130 SUPERVISORY ALARM on Fire zone
T   SI035 Fire zone TROUBLE
U   SI036 Fire zone UNBYPASED
R   SI294 Fire Supervisory Zone RESTORED
T   SI295 Fire Supervisory Zone TROUBLE
A   SI131 TEST Fire Zone
T   SI132 Fire Trbl point MISSING/ Not reporting
T   SI274 Fire supervisory point MISSING/ Not reporting
B   SI038 Gas detector BYPASSED
R   SI039 Gas alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI040 Gas Trbl or Supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI133 Gas detector RESTORED
A   SI134 SUPERVISORY ALARM on Gas detector
T   SI041 Gas detector TROUBLE
U   SI042 Gas detector UNBYPASSED
A   SI135 TEST Gas alarm
B   SI136 Hold-up zone BYPASSED
R   SI044 Hold-up alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI137 Hold-up trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI045 Hold-up zone RESTORED
A   SI138 SUPERVISORY signal on hold-up zone
T   SI139 Hold-up zone TROUBLE
U   SI140 Hold-up zone UNBYPASSED
T   SI248 Equipment FAILURE Condition
  SI359 Ancilliary Information
R   SI249 Equipment Failure condition RESTORED
  SI046 ALERT- too many bad password attempts
A   SI141 Date changed in alarm panel
A   SI142 Holiday changed in control panel schedule
  SI256 Latchkey Alert
  SI047 Panel Memory of events ready to download
A   SI143 Panel Memory of events is Full- download overdue
  SI297 User On Premises
A   SI144 Event executed by alarm panel schedule
A   SI145 Event in alarm panel memory rescheduled by user
  SI048 Time changed in alarm panel
  SI146 User code CHANGED in alarm panel
  SI147 User code DELETED from alarm panel
  SI279 User code ADDED to alarm panel
  SI255 User Authority level set in panel
B   SI148 Heat (Fire) zone BYPASSED
R   SI050 Heat (Fire) alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI051 Heat Trbl or Supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI149 Heat (Fire) zone RESTORED
T   SI150 SUPERVISORY ALARM on Heat detector
T   SI052 Heat (Fire) zone TROUBLE
U   SI151 Heat (Fire) zone UNBYPASSED
  SI235 Begin Local Program Mode
A   SI152 Access DENIED to local program mode
A   SI153 Listen-in ENDED
A   SI154 Listen-in BEGIN
R   SI054 Phone Line RESTORED
A   SI155 Local programming successful
T   SI055 Phone Line TROUBLE
A   SI156 Local programming FAILED
A   SI157 END local programming mode
B   SI158 Medical zone BYPASSED
R   SI057 Medical alarm condition RESTORED
  SI298 Mfg pre-defined message #
R   SI159 Medical trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI058 Medical zone RESTORED
T   SI160 SUPERVISORY ALARM on Medical zone
T   SI059 Medical zone TROUBLE
U   SI161 Medical zone UNBYPASSED
T   SI162 Preset time elapsed with no activity on system
  SI299 Network Condition Report
ARM SI061 Perimeter Armed
ARM SI300 Perimeter Armed in User-defined configuration
R   SI302 Network Fail RESTORED
R   SI303 No-Activity condition RESTORED
T   SI301 Network Failure
  SI358 Previous Restore
T   SI350 STATUS: Unrestore TROUBLE
D   SI062 Automatic Opening
T   SI263 Power Fail since previous report
T   SI340 STATUS: Unrestored BURG zone
  15    ABORT
ARM SI361 Previous Closing
T   SI341 STATUS: Equipmnt Trouble
T   SI338 STATUS REPORT: Unrestored Fire Zone
T   SI337 STATUS REPORT: Fire Supervision
T   SI336 STATUS REPORT: Fire Trouble
D   SI271 Area DISARMED (No area # reported)
T   SI345 STATUS: Unrestored Gas Alarm
D   SI304 EARLY Open (per panel sked) after ALARM
T   SI346 STATUS: unrestored Hold-Up
  SI065 Fail To Open
D   SI066 Late Opening (per panel schedule)
D   SI163 EARLY Opening (per panel schedule)
T   SI347 STATUS: Unrestored HEAT Det.
T   SI342 STATUS: Heat/fire TROUBLE
D   SI305 Late Opening (per panel schedule) after ALARM
T   SI348 STATUS: Unrestored MEDICAL
D   SI362 Old (Previous) Opening
D   SI363 (old) DISARM after recent alarm
D   SI067 Opening report
T   SI349 STATUS: Unrestored Panic alrm
D   SI306 OPEN via Remote Connection
T   SI351 STATUS: Unrestored Emrg. Alarm
D   SI068 Opening After Alarm (Cancel)
D   SI273 Area Opening from ALARM- No Area# Reported
  SI339 Status Report
A   SI164 Opening by Keyswitch (not by keypad code)
T   SI352 STATUS: Unrestored Waterflow
T   SI357  
T   SI343 STATUS: Sprinkler/fire TROUBLE
  SI165 Late to Close per alarm panel schedule
T   SI353 STATUS: Unrestored TAMPER
T   SI307 TROUBLE- Output state
T   SI354 STATUS: Unrestored Alarm
R   SI308 Output State RESTORED
T   SI355 STATUS: Unrestored Water Alrm
T   SI344 STATUS: Low Xmitr Battery
T   SI264 Low Battery since previous report
D   SI166 Point DISARMED
T   SI356 STATUS: Unrestored FREEZE Alrm
B   SI167 Panic zone BYPASSED
R   SI070 Panic alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI168 Panic trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI071 Panic zone RESTORED
  SI251 remove this entry to suppress misc old msg reports
T   SI169 SUPERVISORY ALARM on panic zone
T   SI072 Panic zone TROUBLE
U   SI170 Panic zone UNBYPASSED
B   SI171 Emergency zone BYPASSED
R   SI074 Emergency alarm condition RESTORED
R   SI172 Emergency trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
  SI333 (XSIA/Aritech) Digi Output reset @ bell cutoff
R   SI075 Emergency zone RESTORED
T   SI173 SUPERVISORY ALARM on emergency zone
T   SI076 Emergency zone TROUBLE
U   SI174 Emergency zone UNBYPASSED
  SI175 Remote Programmer Called FAIL
  SI077 DLS Lead In (Remote Program Begin)
A   SI176 relay SET  (|z= Relay #)
  SI177 Remote Program Denied- Access passcode incorrect
  SI178 Panel RE-BOOTED by remote command
R   SI179 Relay RESET (|z=Relay #)
  20    TIMER TEST (Automatic test)
  SI234 System powered-up from complete power loss
  SI236 Program changes from remote connection successful
  SI180 Data lost / Transmission Error
  SI181 Remote Programming FAILED
T   SI254 Test Off Normal
A   SI082 Sprinkler ALARM ** FIRE **
B   SI182 Fire Sprinkler zone BYPASSED
  SI309 Change of State
R   SI083 Fire Sprinkler RESTORE from alarm condition
R   SI183 Fire Sprinkler RESTORE from Trbl/Supervisory state
R   SI184 Fire Sprinkler RESTORED
A   SI185 SUPERVISORY Alarm on Fire Sprinkler zone
T   SI084 Fire Sprinkler TROUBLE
U   SI186 Fire Sprinkler zone UNBYPASSED
B   SI187 Tamper detection BYPASSED
  SI310 All Points Tested
  SI188 Test End-  Panel Restored // (may be Timer Test)
R   SI311 Tamper alarm for Expansion device RESTORED
R   SI312 Tamper Trouble from Expansion Device RESTORED
  SI090 Point walk-tested
R   SI086 Tamper detection RESTORED
A   SI239 Test START- Communicator taken out of operation
T   SI252 TROUBLE on Tamper detection
U   SI189 Tamper detection UNBYPASSED
ARM SI245 Area Watch Mode BEGIN
  SI087 TEST REPORT / Manual Test
  SI335 Custom Text Message
D   SI244 Area Watch Mode END
A   SI089 ALARM from un-typed zone
U   SI190 BYPASS zone
A   SI313 Untyped cross-point in alarm- no verification zone
R   SI092 RESTORE from alarm condition
R   SI091 RESTORE trbl or supervision sondition
R   2000  RESTORE
T   850   TROUBLE
U   SI192 UNBYPASS zone
  SI231 Undefined Condition
T   SI194 Point missing/ not reporting- handle as TROUBLE
A   SI193 Point missing/ not reporting- handle as ALARM
R   SI195 Printer Paper IN (Restore)
T   SI196 Printer OUT OF PAPER
R   SI197 Printer RESTORE
T   SI095 Printer TROUBLE
  SI198 Printer TEST
R   SI199 Printer ON-LINE (RESTORE)
A   SI200 Printer OFF-LINE (TROUBLE)
A   SI096 Water sensor Alarm
B   SI201 Water sensor BYPASSED
T   SI332 (XSIA/Aritech) Walk Test FAILED
R   SI097 Water alarm RESTORED
R   SI202 Water sensor trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
  SI331 (XSIA/Aritech) Walk Test PASSED
R   SI203 Water sensor zone RESTORED
T   SI204 SUPERVISORY Alarm on water sensor
T   SI205 Water sensor TROUBLE
U   SI206 Water sensor UNBYPASSED
  SI314 Extra (unauthorized) account detected
T   SI207 Extra point detected (not programmed in panel)
T   SI208 Extra RF point detected (not programmed in panel)
R   SI269 RESTORE from interference on RF
  SI209 User has manually reset a sensor
R   SI316 RF Tamper RESTORED
T   SI317 Low Signal Strength received
T   SI318 Alarm Cross Point MISSING (not reporting)
T   SI268 RF Intereference Detected
R   SI098 Transmitter RESTORE from Low Battery Condition
A   SI315 RF Receiver TAMPER
T   SI099 Transmitter Battery LOW / Trouble condition
T   SI275 Test FAILED or not received
T   SI270 Bell/Siren Fault
  SI210 Report percent of time receiver`s line card busy
A   SI211 Communication failed to report signal(s)
T   SI212 TROUBLE on Receiver Line Card
R   SI213 RESTORE Receiver Line Card
  SI214 Panel Data Corrupt or erroneous- Checksum Fail
  SI215 Data / programming in alarm panel CHANGED
R   SI247 Bell/Siren Restored
T   SI319 Overcurrent Trouble
R   SI320 overcurrent trbl RESTORED
R   SI233 RESTORAL of normal panel communications
  SI229 System battery MISSING
  SI216 Invalid report received from Alarm Panel
  SI217 Unknown message Received from Alarm Panel
T   SI104 Power Supply TROUBLE
R   SI105 Power Supply RESTORED
R   SI106 Battery RESTORED
T   SI232 Communication TROUBLE
T   SI108 Battery TROUBLE or Low Battery
T   SI364 Diagnostic Error
  SI218 Panel auto-rebooted to correct internal problem
  SI109 Service Required
  SI219 Status Report: panel status to follow
  SI220 Service work on panel is now complete
A   SI110 FREEZE Alarm
B   SI221 Freeze sensor BYPASSED
R   SI111 Freeze alarm RESTORED
T   SI222 Freeze sensor trbl/supervisory condition RESTORED
R   SI223 Freeze sensor RESTORED
T   SI224 Freeze sensor SUPERVISORY alarm
T   SI225 Freeze sensor TROUBLE
U   SI226 Freeze sensor UNBYPASSED

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